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We take pride in providing a quality service that is uniquely tailored to the needs of each client. Our approach to each project is based on our standard guidelines backed with absolute integrity, care, and competence. We will ensure that the information and advice we offer to our clients will achieve successful results. Our work is consistently conducted in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards. To explore more about the professional services that we can offer you or your business please contact us and let our team work on your next surveying project.


Surveying Services We Offer


The residential property owner may need the services of a professional land surveyor from time to time. Wooten Surveying & Associates provide the following services:

  • Boundary survey
  • Boundary and physical (improvements) survey
  • Loan Survey
  • Elevation certificate
  • Locate, verify and stake property corners
  • Stake property lines
  • Plot plans / Site plans
  • Subdivision
  • Easement maps (utilities)
  • Mapping


Commercial property surveys require professional experience. Wooten Surveying & Associates can help your project succeed by providing the following services:

  • ALTA Survey
  • As-built Survey
  • Construction Staking
  • Boundary Physical Survey


Construction surveying services are needed to get a project off the ground. Wooten Surveying & Associates can bring a project to life by providing the following services:

Residential home builders

  • Plot plans
  • Rough stake proposed houses
  • Accurate stake proposed houses
  • Pin footings
  • Foundation surveys
  • Final as-built surveys

Commercial sites

  • Curb & gutter
  • Storm
  • Sewer
  • Erosion control
  • Sediment/detention ponds
  • Buildings
  • As-built survey
  • Utilities


  • Curb & gutter
  • Roads
  • Storm
  • Sewer
  • Erosion control
  • Sediment/detention ponds

We present the idea with impressive details!

Always ahead of the field, our team of surveyors are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure we collect data in the most efficient and accurate manner. Our job as a surveyor is to gather the necessary information needed for your project. Our goal is to provide detailed land surveys with the most current data. Discover Wooten Surveying’s extensive range of methods for surveying and the technologies we utilize to present the data extracted from our land surveys.

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24 years in the Business

Providing our clients with professional and comprehensive land survey and topographical mapping service for 24 years.


Our experienced professionals are keen to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of timely and accurate professional and technical services. We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help you determine the appropriate survey for your needs. Our goal is to meet the customer’s requirements to the best of our professional ability, and with quality service on time with a cost effective approach.

Latest Equipment & Technology
We offer a broad range of professional land surveying services to both public and private clients in North and South Carolina. Our experienced surveyors are equipped with the latest technology to provide accurate information in a timely manner. As every successful project starts with a high-quality detailed survey, Wooten surveyors will work with you to ensure that you receive the services that you require.
Local Hometown Business
Wooten Surveyors work from their home zip code, meaning we will be able to provide an experienced professional that is local to you. Adhering to our global standards, quoted price and service level agreement, we continue striving to give you the best possible customer service and are always delighted to discuss any concerns you may have.
Community Oriented
Wooten Surveying and Associates PLLC is a professional land surveying firm offering land surveys for both the private and commercial sector in North and South Carolina. As your house and property represent your largest assets, we want to be your go to partner if you are buying a property. Only a survey made by a licensed surveyor can legally define what you have purchased. Without a survey, you may not know the extent of your property and you are risking both your relationship with your community and your investment.
Our shared responsibility to the community is to make sure we are able to protect the interests of our clients. Our team of surveyors adhere to the ethical principles of our company and ensure that we meet the needs of our clients.

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